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Welcome to the Company

You are an Agent of the Company. Equipped with multiple cybernetic augmentations, you carry out the dirty work that keeps the shareholders happy and the corporate executives in their cushy penthouse apartments. When conventional negotiations, political pressure, and legal threats fail, the Company sends you in to “overcome impediments” by any means necessary. From acquiring valuable intellectual property to triggering a competitor’s succession plans prematurely, you’ve been (re)built to handle any assignment that comes your way.

If you succeed, you get another dose of the medication that keeps you alive. If you fail, the Company will terminate your contract and rip the augmentations out of your body before dumping the leftover meat. That’s IF you fail and survive, of course…

The Game

Augmented is a rules-lite cyberpunk roleplaying game for 2-7 players,  one of whom plays the role of the “Supervisor” to direct the narrative, frame situations, and control NPCs.

With no stats or complex mechanics to track, Augmented can be played with little to no preparation. Although the game is well-suited for one shots and episodic missions, Supervisors can use the optional downtime rules to create an extended campaign.

This 76 page, full-color edition of the rulebook includes the core game rules as well as the Augmented Campaign Setting Guide, which provides details on the Houston Sprawl in the year 2144. All you need to play are a few six-sided dice. Wired reflexes are recommended, but not necessary.

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