Worlds Beyond Imagination

GamesJoin the Redoubt

Muscovy, 1567.

You have been chosen to serve the Tsardom of Muscovy as one of Ivan the Terrible’s dreaded Oprichnina. Hunt down traitors, heretics, and blasphemous horrors in a realm gripped by famine and the suffering of war.

But beware…your Oprichniki companions are watching you for any sign of betrayal, and dark forces from beyond this world seek to corrupt your soul at every turn.

Hounds of the Tsar is a roleplaying game of secrets, suspicion, and terror for 3 or more players.

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You belong to the Company.

Rebuilt with cybernetic augmentations that allow you to push your body and mind to unimaginable limits, you are an Agent engaged in a low-intensity corporate Cold War over market share. Complete your assignment and the Company will make sure you get the medication that keeps your metal bits from slowly poisoning you.

And if you fail? Well, that’s when the company sends somebody to reclaim its property from your worthless flesh.

Augmented is a cyberpunk action RPG for 2-7 players inspired by classic games like Syndicate and Deus Ex.

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When night falls, dreams take root.

There is another world just beyond perception, a wild forest fed by dreams and forgotten memories. You belong to the Vartijat, an ancient order dedicated to keeping the dangers of the Weirdwood in check. Step into the dark and find out what stirs just beyond mortal sight.

Weirdwood is a collaborative roleplaying game for 3 or more players.

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A thousand years have passed since Great Cthulhu stirred in His slumber and drowned the kingdoms of men beneath the waves.

But for those who survived, the horror had only begun…

The Drowned Lands is a roleplaying game set in the apocalyptic Age of Cthulhu. Create a ruin delver and venture into the crumbling bones of the old world in search of precious relics and weird artifacts.

But beware: death, madness, and corruption come quickly beneath the watchful gaze of the Great Old Ones and their servants.

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You were dead…and then you weren’t.

They will pay for what they did to you.

Your restless spirit has clawed its way back from the void to seek vengeance upon those responsible for your death. Fueled by hatred, you will hunt them down and destroy them, but not before they watch you tear down everything they hold dear.

Revenant is a narrative roleplaying game of personal horror for 2 or more players.

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All your life you’ve gazed at the horizon of endless water, wondering what you might find beyond it. You’ve heard the stories of lost cities rising from the ocean floor, of floating metal dwellings that still contain the relics of a lost civilization, of merfolk who cross the world in their submersible vessels.

And then there’s the greatest legend of them all: dry land. Could it be out there somewhere beyond the horizon? It’s time you found out for yourself.

Wyld Sea is a roleplaying game for 3-6 players set in a world of endless water. Players take on the role of daring seafarers who brave a mysterious ocean charged with elemental energy and inhabited by strange and powerful creatures. Whether your crew are explorers, merchants, or pirates, there are fortunes to be won and lost upon the waves.

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Kidnapped as a baby by the forces of darkness and transformed into a savage killing machine, the Beast has finally broken free from its master’s control. Now it remembers what the Shadow has done to it and it hungers for revenge.

But before it can journey to the Valley of Death and storm the Ebon Tower to confront the Shadow, the Beast must first vanquish the Shadow’s Chosen and recover the ancient relics they jealously guard.

The Shadow & the Beast is a two-player roleplaying game inspired by the classic video game Shadow of the Beast.

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You are a shapeshifter that feeds on human experiences.

You can be anyone you want and do anything you want.

So pull on your face and pull on your hair, because it’s opening time down on Fascination Street.

Fascination is a solo RPG about exploring new identities and having new experiences. All you need to play is a deck of playing cards and something to write/draw on.

Inspired by the song “Fascination Street” by The Cure, Fascination was created as part of the Record Collection 2k21 game jam on

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