Month: May 2021

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AUGMENTED Kickstarter Is Online

The Kickstarter campaign for the print version of AUGMENTED launched earlier today, so you can go back it RIGHT NOW if you want to see this cyberpunk action RPG get a print run.

cybernetic eyes staring through a cyberpunk skyline

What’s really incredible is that I’ve somehow been able to avoid looking at how the campaign is doing for the last 10+ hours. Running a Kickstarter can be very stressful, especially if you’re not fortunate enough to have a large following that allows you to fund within hours (or even minutes) of launching.

Anyway, the campaign is live, so you should stop reading this blog post and go check it out. Sure, I also released another game earlier this week because I have no grasp of strategic marketing, but I’m going to hold off talking about that until a later date.

Seriously, go back the Kickstarter. I’d really not spend the next four weeks wracked by anxiety over whether or not it’s going to fund!