Month: October 2020

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REVENANT Playtest Demo Update

After sharing the most recent version of Revenant with some folks on reddit, I got some valuable feedback and made a few key changes to the latest playtest version.

Here are the key changes:

Revenant V.3 Demo Changes

  • Changed Target “Bonds” to “Ambitions.” While Bonds represented things and people that were important to the Target, Ambitions are more targeted goals they’re seeking to achieve. I made this change because the nature of Bonds created a situation where the Revenant was incentivized to potentially harm the innocent people associated with the Target.
  • Changed Revenant “Echoes” to “Bonds.” Echoes were always a bit nebulous, but Bonds represent specific people with strong emotional connections to the Revenant. It provides them with something that anchors them to their humanity and also creates a new opportunity for Gatekeepers and the Target to fight the Revenant. This change also impacted the way the Crisis mechanic works.
  • Created a new mechanic called “Scars.” A Revenant gains a Scar whenever it allows one of its Bonds to be killed, commits an act that harms an innocent, or carries out a wantonly cruel action. Scars make it more difficult for the Revenant to channel Hatred effectively. I introduced this concept to punish a Revenant for causing collateral damage or showing no concern for how innocent people are affected by its quest for vengeance. Revenants may be mean, but they’re not evil.
  • Modified Gatekeeper Hunt and Confrontation mechanic. Slightly altered the rules regarding the Hunt roll and the way Confrontations work.