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I’m excited to announce that after years of tinkering and agonizing, I’ve finally put together the finalized versions of REVENANT and HOUNDS OF THE TSAR and made both available for purchase from itch.io.

These games have been with me for quite a while. The initial concept for HOUNDS OF THE TSAR was sketched out on a notepad during my children’s play rehearsal around 2014 or so. REVENANT is a bit newer, with the initial idea taking shape in 2018 and the first writing later in 2019.

While I would have liked to have done long periods of playtesting for both games, they’ve gone through the design ringer quite a bit and are both simple enough that any remaining issues shouldn’t be too problematic. At this point, I felt like I needed to get them off my plate so I could start moving on to other projects.

I’ve learned a lot from these games, both in terms of game and graphic design. While I may tinker with a few things here or there, I consider them to be finished products at this point and I’m eager to share them with everyone.

If you’d like to check them about, but aren’t quite ready to purchase a copy, you can still download an art-free version of each game from the Games page.

There are still a few more games on the way from Last Redoubt Games in the near future. After pushing these initial releases out the door, I’m going to take some time to learn a thing or two from the gaming communities I’ve come across to make the next wave of games even better.

For now, thanks to everyone who provided feedback on these games and I hope everyone enjoys the finished product.

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REVENANT V.2 Playtest Demo Update

A brand new playtest version of REVENANT is now available. This latest demo has been completely overhauled with new mechanics and information to help create an engaging and memorable gameplay experience.

Key Changes in the REVENANT v.2 Playtest Demo

  • Completely new Challenge resolution system that introduces a “push/pull” narrative dynamic between the Player and the GM.
  • Clarified mechanics for Gatekeepers and Crisis Challenges.
  • Expanded character creation details and suggestions to spark your imagination.
  • Guidance and examples for creating Targets.
  • New “Touch of the Void” character abilities and “Mark of Death” features.
  • Three new NPC categories: Ghosts, Demons, and Void Sensitives.
  • Five example settings to promote different play experiences.

Have a look at the latest version of REVENANT and please share any feedback at pyramid@lastredoubtgames.com.


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